A simple and chic bag, made from canvas. Featuring smooth leather details, including long top handles for ease of carrying. It’s the perfect bag for an everyday commute or just an overnight stay.

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Anencephaly is a rare disease causing the skull of the brain to not close due to a neural tube defect in the first month of conception.

One of the preventative tools for Anencephaly is the need for folic acid and or folate if you have the MTHFR gene. We would like to raise money for genetic testing for those of childbearing age to have access to the MTHFR test before getting pregnant.

Your contribution will help young women by providing scholarships for a DNA test for the MTHFR gene before conception so they can then make decisions on which prenatal to take. It has been shown that knowing this prior to pregnancy reduces risks by more than 70%.

It is important to know if you do have the MTHFR gene mutation and remove the synthetic folic acid intake. One-third of the world’s population has this gene mutation. For more information, you can visit


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